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Pedigree White strain X Indika
Sex Feminized
Genetics Indika
Height to 150 cm
In 9 weeks
Out October
Yield High
Strong High
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product description

Zensation belongs to a new generation of cannabis strains. After a selective crossbreeding process of extremely potent indica plants with a stable and extra white strain, a plant called Zensation arose. It is a very strong plant and highly suitable for relaxation. The typical Zensation fragrance is cedar and a flavour with hints of berries make it truly the best thing The Ministry of Cannabis has to offer.

Available in packs of 2 or 5 seeds.

Ministry of Cannabis
Happycannaseeds: Ministry of Cannabis

The Dutch-Spanish seedbank, Ministry of Cannabis, has over 15 years of experience in the cultivation and breeding of cannabis strains. This project leads several people with experience from other well-known seed banks in this field. MOC has a total of 3 rooms in three different countries to test and produce new cannabis varieties. MOC has also produced regular seeds in its beginnings, but since 2009 has been creating only feminized and autoflowering strains for its customers. In their offer, you will find feminized and autoflowering seeds of famous names such as White Widow, Haze or the popular Skunk.

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Happy Seeds is Czech Seedbank, which was established in 2015. We specialize in selling quality cannabis seeds from some of the best-known and successful seed banks in the world like DNA Genetics, Serious Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis and World of Seeds. We are also trying to offer quality CBD products made from Endoca and quality cannabis topicals from a local manufacturer called Delibutus. In our store and online shop, we are also offering our own cannabis seeds under our label, choose from feminized or autoflowering strains from Happy seeds

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