Auto White Widow

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The autoflowering version of White Widow combines the most famous and best long-term selling strain in the world without the disadvantage of waiting up to 12 weeks for the harvest. The autoflowering version saves 25-30% of the growing time, enabling growers to enjoy it much earlier. It offers very stable yields and an guaranteed average height of the plant by the Ministry of Cannabis.

Available in packs of 2 or 5 seeds.

Additional parameters

Category: Samonakvétací semínka marihuany od Ministry of Cannabis
Genetics: Sativa hybrid
Height: Up to 150 cm
In: 10 weeks
Out: 45 days (autoflowering)
Pedigree: White Widow
Potency: Medium
Sex: Autoflowering
Whole life cycle: 70 days
Yield: Medium