Dna Genetics - USA-Dutch seedbank with the most successful strains in the world

DNA Genetics started its rise in the late 80s in sunny California. It was then discovered, that the Californian weather conditions are unsuitable for cannabis growing, when a European company from Amsterdam tried to establish a daughter company in California. The company name came from the initials of the first names Don and Aaron and Genetics as the basis of all living things on this world. Many cannabis lines stem from clones that passed among Californian growers long before the legalization of medical marijuana.
Among their real gems are Sour Diesel, OG Kush or and the autoflowering strain 60 Day Wonder. DNA Genetics can also produce their successful cannabis line known as LA Confidential, The Martian Mean Green or even Chocolope. DNA Genetics has won over 150 different awards for contributing to the hemp industry worldwide. Guys from DNA also won in category Top 10 cannabis strains more than five times and is the only seedbank, which won awards in each category of the High Times Cannabis Cup and was also invited in 2009 to the Hall of Fame (High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame).

The contest podium simply belongs to the cannabis strains by DNA genetics