Difference between Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis

Difference between Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis

In botany's world, Indica and Sativa are considered the two major varieties of Marijuana strains. In today's world, most influential Scientists agree that indica and sativa plants aren't at all similar in many different ways, so the difference still remains the subject of little debate. The difference between Indica and Sativa is also one of the unsolved mysteries of the world. Although indica and sativa are the two major strains of cannabis there is also a third variety that is known as “Ruderalis” in fact, it is not as attractive as indica and sativa. Firstly, Ruderalis originated in Russia, in 1924 and it is extremely short and can only grow upwards of 2 ft tall. In comparison to other plants, ruderalis plants are smaller and weaker in yields. Ruderalis doesn't have enough psychoactive effect, is also hemp-like and produces little THC that reduce its benefits for medical and recreational consumers. Let's start talking about indica and sativa once again.

The differences between indica and sativa are very easy to spot because of its physical appearance as well as morphology. This difference can be easily seen with the naked eye. On the one hand, Indica came out in the rough and environmentally unfriendly Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Indica plants are short, bushy, have shorter and lesser branches with broad maple-like leaves which are deep darker in colour, and can grow up to 2 ft to 4 ft tall. Indica plants can grow indoors without a hitch. On the other hand, Sativa came out in the torrid-zone nearby equator in areas like Mexico, Colombo, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Sativa plants are frequently tall, lanky and have loose branches with long thin leaves that are mostly light in colour rather you can also depict them as wispy. Sativa plants can grow up to 20 ft. tall, that is thereason why sativas plants are harder to grow indoors because they may reach grow up to 20 ft or more in height. So that's why, sativas are mainly plant outdoors because there is no ceiling and they can grow with thorough freedom. Krymon deCesare who is the Chief Research Director at Steep Hill Halent Lab in Oakland declares that these two species are different from one another because they were originated in two different environments.

Most likely, its grown properties is one of the simplest ways to know which one that plant is if Indica or Sativa. It is a well-known fact that the bigger the plant the bigger the harvest. In addition, here is also a well-said by Danny Danko from High Times Magazine, “More root. More fruit.”

As we already know, Marijuana has two contrasting species called Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, if both the cannabis are mixed well together, as a result, varieties of hybrid strains are produced with exclusive qualities. As a result of fact, few hybrids contain a 50/50 mix, bringing all over head and body high while the remains hybrids are taken over by each of two indica or sativa. On the one hand, the yield size of indica plant is 1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant while flowering time is 8 to12 weeks. Although flowering is basically a growth stage in which a well weed plant is ready to produce resinous buds. In reality, sativa plant takes much time in finishing flowering because it originated from the regions that have plenty of hot weather. Indica has unique individual flavours, its strains are almost sweet and fruity. In this bunch of flavours, you will find all kinds of berry's flavours including strawberry, blueberry and blackberry while this is not enough, you will find grape flavours too. However, indica plants are not rich as sativa in THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) while they are rich in CBD (Cannabidiol) but CBD will not produce high at all. It only mitigates the effects of THC. On the other hand, the yield size of sativa plant is 3 ounces to 1 pound per plant while flowering time is 10 to 16 weeks. It has dense and plump buds. Sativa doesn't take much time to grow as indica while its taste is very piney, earthy as well as musty. The ratio of THC is higher in sativa than indica while sativa is not rich in CBD as indica. High levels of THC and low levels of CBD contribute to a healthy, clear headed and more energetic high.

In order to effects, the differences between indica and sativa can be measured with ease. Both of them have tremendous and valuable effects that help us in getting more and extra benefits. On the one hand, indica has a lot of benefits, such as delivers relaxing, sedating, also fights from insomnia efficiently, gives relief as quick as flash, relaxes all body muscles, cuts down seizures, give relief in headache and migraine, spasms, and gets rid of stress and helps quell a spell of anxiety leaps and bounds. Many medical marijuana patients very often smoke indica buds before going to bed or in the late evening for getting relaxation. It is immense suited for night use. On the other hand, compared to indica, sativa has also many benefit such as combats depression, tiredness and mood disorders, leads to energetic, uplifting, high cerebral, great for getting shit done, arouses and energizes, enhances focus and creativity, makes you creative, energetic, euphoria, cheerful, and sociable as well. It is tremendous suited for the daytime. There are a lot of medical marijuana patients as well as artists who often smoke sativa buds in the morning for filling themselves with creativity as well as energy even these buds refresh your mind and spark new creations and ideas. Especially, the artists take a lot of advantage of the artistic power of cannabis sativa for creating paintings. Well, both the indica and sativa strains help to ease symptoms alike relives in the whole body pain, gets rid of nausea, in addition to the loss of appetite, but they have their own exclusive qualities definitely.