The Story of Kush - The most famous cannabis strain

In the botany's world, Kush is the word that refers the Cannabis Indica Strains. According to the historical documents from all over the planet, cannabis are being lived together with humans for thousands of years, these cannabis are still being cultivated for medical purposes without stopping day in, day out. As many growers believe, at first, cannabis strain germinated in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India to a mountain range while the borders of all these countries are known as "Hindu Kush Mountains". As historians said, Hindu Kush region is the birthplace of marijuana even Hindu Kush strain is known as "the grandmother of all the Marijuana". Later, these marijuana spread to the other countries of the world, including Asia, Russia, Africa, Jamaica, and South America as well. In addition, this cannabis spread like wildfire all over the world. These native strains are known as "Landrace".

Landraces are the local varieties of cannabis that have modified to the environment of theirs geographical location. Landrace strains are often titled as theirs' native region, for example, Afghani, Thai, Hawaiian, and so on. In the 1960s and 1970s, a large group of fearless breeders picked seeds from ancient cultivars. By and by, mid-to-late 1970s, first and foremost, the Hindu Kush strains of cannabis transported to North America while these strains were also titled as Afghani # 1 and Mazar-i-Sharif. In the year 1973, the new appointed President of Afghanistan unexpectedly declared the hashish's sale illegal, although his declaration created a lot of problems and put pressure on the people of the United States of America. After a while, in the year 1978, the Afghan Communists overthrew the President. In today's world, we have a lot of different kinds of Kush strains to select, such as Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, White Rhino, Northern Lights, Kohser Kush, Master Kush, and OG Kush. According to the genetic history of these cool varieties of marijuana, the first marijuana that was originated in the Hindu Kush region, was short, bushy, smooth smoke, hashy tasting as well as indica dominate.

Marijuana Indica plants get their genetics from the Hindu Kush region. They are bushy, short and have shorter and fewer branches along with broad maple-like leaves that are surely darker in colour. They are capable of growing up to 2 ft to 4 ft tall. They almost always grow indoors. They were mainly used for the production of hashish. Indica buds are often smoked for sedating, relaxing, cutting down seizures, getting rid of headache, migraine, spasms, and stress.


In the marijuana's world, OG Kush is considered one of the most legendary strains of marijuana. It is utmost popular all over the world. Currently, its demand is being enhanced every now and then in the countries like the United States. Its resin-packed buds are selling at bizarre prices while it is happening due to its diesel flavour and mouth-watering lime. It has become more and extra favourite for most of the growers. OG Kush is a powerful and effective variety of medical grade while its look is amazing and unique as well, it is lime green and hidden in trichomes. As a matter of fact, it is well-known in medical marijuana dispensaries, although it is the enduring and pithy effect. OG Kush is a 55/45 dominant hybrid strain which acronym is Original Gangster and Ocean Grown. The THC level of OG can enhance up to 20% while take 8 to 9 weeks for flowering. OG Kush buds have the smell of pine, earth, and spices. The Dutch Seed bank is the first seed bank that sold OG Kush cannabis seeds while these breeders have been working since 1990.

There are plenty of seed banks in all over the world, but in fact, none of them can beat DNA Genetics. The most interesting thing is that this seed bank has won more than 125 awards throughout the planet for their valuable contribution in the cannabis industry. This is not at all enough; it has also won the illustrious High Times "Top 10 Strain of the Year" awards more than five times.

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Cataract Kush 

Kandy Kush 

OG Kush 

The OG #18 

Mazar Kush 

Skywalker Kush

Upozorňujeme, že výsev a pěstování konopí s obsahem THC větším než 0,3% není v České republice možné. Informace zde v žádném případě neslouží jako návod k protizákonnému chování, návod je použitelný na různé druhy rostlin.