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Biddy Early
Biddy Early

Biddy Early

Pedigree F1-hybrid
Sex Feminized
Genetics Sativa hybrid
Height over 150 cm
In 9 weeks
Out October
Yield Medium
Strong Medium
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product description

Biddy Early is a great outdoor strain from Serious Seeds which was especially developed by Magus Genetics for humid and cold climate, which is especially common in the Netherlands. Its relatively early finishing of the growth phase along with good mould resistance make Biddy Early one of the best cannabis plants for the outdoor season in northern climates. She is easy to grow, with an average height of 2 meters and an early aroma with sweet candy taste. This feminized version is available in pack of 6 seeds. If you are looking for regular seeds of Biddy Early, then look here. The regular version of this plant is suitable for every grower who is looking for a good mother plant. Keeping Biddy Early in a vegetative state is a little bit difficult because of its easy onset of flowering.

Serious Seeds
Happycannaseeds: Serious Seeds

The seed bank Serious Seeds was founded in the early 1990s by a former biology teacher called Simon. Simon's love for cannabis began to emerge after his journey to Africa, where he first became familiar with the use of pure hemp without added tobacco. Until this time, Simon did not have much personal experience with cannabis and was a non-smoker. After returning from the travels, he began collecting and storing cannabis seeds and gradually fell in love with the process of breeding and cultivation of new strains and geneticists. After gaining experience in the company Sensi Seeds, Simon set out on his way and set up Serious Seeds as we know it today. Currently the SS only offers varieties that rank among the winners and are a true guarantee of quality among cannabis seeds. The most well-known are AK-47, Kali Mist, Chronic or Warlock.

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Happycannaseeds: Biddy Early
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Biddy Early, a popular strain in many countries, has a very distinctive and unique earthy smell. The Scent of earth is supported by a...
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Happy Seeds is Czech Seedbank, which was established in 2015. We specialize in selling quality cannabis seeds from some of the best-known and successful seed banks in the world like DNA Genetics, Serious Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis and World of Seeds. We are also trying to offer quality CBD products made from Endoca and quality cannabis topicals from a local manufacturer called Delibutus. In our store and online shop, we are also offering our own cannabis seeds under our label, choose from feminized or autoflowering strains from Happy seeds

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