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Hemp Lip Balm
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konopny balzam
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Hemp nail care
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Hemp balm for fur
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Hemp balm
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Hemp salve for pets with a shea buckthorn
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Hemp ointment "good mood"
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Hemp ointment "Hemorrhoids"
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Hemp ointment "painless movement"
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Serum against fleas and ticks
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The cosmetic industry is again returning to substances from natural sources and it is no surprise when cosmetic producers considered using hemp products in their line. Hemp is still facing frequent preconceptions about its safety, medicinal effects and influence on our psyche. However, all of the substances contained in hemp cosmetics are legal, safe and do not change the state of your mind! Cosmetics containing substances from cannabis tend to have a very beneficial effect in the treatment of acne, eczema and skin fungus. Marijuana in cosmetics also helps to regenerate skin and equalize its pH, heal damaged skin, sores and burns and relieves pain in muscles and joints. With a wide variety of different cannabis products, you can choose among creams, body lotions, or shampoos for everyday use, but also to encourage the treatment of ongoing problems. Substances of cannabis are mostly received from cold pressed hemp oil. Cold pressed hemp oil is an ideal solution for cosmetic products because it contains unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and 6), minerals and other substances beneficial to our health. Hemp cosmetics is becoming very popular and it is not only because it is made from extracts of marijuana (cannabis sativa in particular), the main reason for its popularity is its beneficial effect on the skin, body and its healing properties.