CBD Dab - Grapefruit OG (CBD>90%)

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CBD dab by Happy seeds is full-spectrum cannabis extract rich in CBD and nature terpenes. This marijuana extract is additionally supplemented by real terpenes, which gives a strong fruity taste to this hemp extract. Intense aroma of our dabs reminiscent the true cannabis plant known as Grapefruit OG.

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Product detailed description

Cannabis extracts by Happy seeds are a brand new product in our offer. Those CBD dabs were made by supercritical CO2 extraction in professional laboratories in Switzerland and are infused by terpenes from real cannabis. Extracts of this kind are often called Terpsolate, which is a combination of "Terpenes" and "Isolate", thats not exactly what this product is because instead of Isolate, as a base we use the Full-spectrum extract which provides more balanced effects. Those effects are further enriched by rich content of terpenes, which has not just an awesome smell but also their own effects.

The taste of our Blackberry Kush dab is really fruity, reminding the sweet aroma of forest fruits mixed with earthy tones known from Kush strains. The CBD dab - Grapefruit OG was made from CBD flowers with legal content of THC, so our extract is with its 0,19 % THC is fully legal in most of the EU countries. If you wanna sit and relax with a clear mind there is nothing better than do it with our CBD extracts.

This product is of course just for a collective purposes, but in case you live in a place where you can legaly use the CBD extracts than dont be afraid. Our dabs are fully safe and can be used as you would use any other concentrate. Dabbing and vape devices for concentrates are two popular ways to use this terpsolate. You dont like our Grapefruit flavor? Dont panic and check out our offer of CBD dabs - terpsolates with much more flavors. 

Are the CBD concentrates too strong for you? Dont be sad and check out our offer of CBD flowers and CBD cannabis, which were organicly grown in EU, and has much smaller content of CBD than extracts.