CBD oil

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Cibiday 2,3% hemp CBD+CBDA oil
€17,90 excl. VAT
Code: 99933
Cibiday 2,5% hemp CBD oil for pets
€17,90 excl. VAT
Code: 99955
Cibiday 5% hemp CBD oil
€21,10 excl. VAT
Hemp Oil Drops 300mg CBD (Cannabidiol)(3%)
from €35,60 up to –19 %
from €27,70 excl. VAT
from €31,80
Code: 12154-647811-2
Raw hemp oil - Drops 3% (300mg) RAW CBD+CBDa
from €31,80 up to –14 %
from €27,70 excl. VAT
from €31,80
Code: 12271
Cibiday 10% Hemp CBD oil
€40,70 excl. VAT
Code: 8899
Cibiday 15% hemp CBD oil
€61,70 excl. VAT
Code: 99922
€165 –55 %
€65,20 excl. VAT
Code: 25555

In today's market you can find a wide range of cannabis oil with increased Cannabidiol content. In our offer, you will find CBD oils by two verified companies from the Netherlands and Denmark. Hemp CBD oils by Endoca belongs to one of the highest quality products toady. All of their products have a quality certificate and were made from organically grown hemp in the European Union. Our other CBD products are from Cibiday, a company based in the Netherlands. Their CBD products are made from certified hemp from different parts of Europe. All of these oils have a guaranteed quantity of CBD and as the basis hemp seed oil or certified olive oil was used.