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Dark Purple Auto
Dark Purple Auto
Dark Purple Auto
Dark Purple Auto
Dark Purple Auto
Dark Purple Auto

Dark Purple Auto

Sex Autoflowering
Genetics Indika auto
Height to 150 cm
In 7-8 weeks
Out 45 days (Autoflowering)
Yield Medium
Strong Medium
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product description

The legendary cannabis strain, OG Kush, crossed with the first generation of Purple Kush, gave rise to the new purple strain from the seedbank Delicious Seeds from Spain. This plant is very durable and can be expected, with almost 100% certainty, to grow purple flowers. In addition to its distinctive deep purple color, it benefits from a fresh and fruity aroma.

Available in packs of 1,3,5 or 10 seeds.

Delicious Seeds
Happycannaseeds: Delicious Seeds

The Spanish company Delicious Seeds became known after their first few wins at international cannabis competitions in 2010. Among their most successful strains belongs the indica-dominant plant Sugar Black Rose or the sativa with good growth properties, Caramelo. Both strains already have collected some victories at international competitions and provide quality genetics as a basis for other cannabis strains in their offer. If you are more interested in autoflowering seeds you should surely check out the offer of this seed bank. In their offer of autoflowering seeds you will find some well-known strains. In recent months, Delicious seeds has introduced a new collection of strains with a high, balanced and stable CBD content.

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Happy Seeds is Czech Seedbank, which was established in 2015. We specialize in selling quality cannabis seeds from some of the best-known and successful seed banks in the world like DNA Genetics, Serious Seeds, Delicious Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis and World of Seeds. We are also trying to offer quality CBD products made from Endoca and quality cannabis topicals from a local manufacturer called Delibutus. In our store and online shop, we are also offering our own cannabis seeds under our label, choose from feminized or autoflowering strains from Happy seeds

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