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Hemp CBD tea Anti-stress
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Hemp CBD tea Feel Good
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Hemp CBD tea Long Life
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A blend of hemp tea with increased CBD is a mixture of herbs and hemp, that can help you relieve stress, awaken the feeling of sleep, or just help with calming you after a busy day. Parts of cannabis in tea are from certified hemp strains with no THC, which make it suitable for elderly and ill people as well as for kids. In every of these hemp teas you will find parts of the hemp strains Futura 75, Finola and USO 31, which are strains of industrial hemp with increased CBD content. All blends also contain a unique blend of herbs that give the tea not only a pleasant smell and taste, but also add many other positive qualities. Who does not know Melissa and its calming properties, or chamomile for its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting abilities. Hemp teas are suitable for everyday drinking for body and mind relaxation or just like food supplements.