Hemp seeds Finola

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Hemp seeds Finola
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Autoflowering hemp strain called Finola, with low height and fast flowering phase.

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One of the most famous varieties of industrial hemp: Finola. Seeds of Finola are cannabis seeds of industrial hemp, which has recently been increasingly sought after thanks to its high portion of CBD. Seeds of technical hemp Finola can be legally planted in the most countries in Europe because they stay below the limit for THC content up to 0.3%. The ideal sowing time is during the month of May after low night temperatures have subsided. The cannabis strain Finola is suitable for CBD tinctures, ointments and teas for quiet sleep thanks to its high CBD content. Every bag of finala hemp seeds has a certificate of origin. For the better understanding of how Finola grows and how can a grower process the parts of this cannabis strain read informations below.

Finola strain has been developed in Finland by mr. Ph.D Jace Callaway. Finola variety mature very early. Flowers may begin to appear about 25-30 days after the planting and plants are commonly ready to harvest in 100 – 120 days after sowing. Finola can grow up to 160 – 180 cm, so unlike for other strains that can reach up to 3-4 meters in height, this strain can be easily harvested by commonly used agricultural machinery. The plant is dioecious so produces both male and female sex organs. This strain assures up to 1 ton of seeds yield in organic farming and up to 2 tons in chemically treated farm. Finola is mainly grown for food and oil production. 

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Category: CBD
CBD Content: 2-4 %
Package contents: 1, 5 or 25 kg