Hemp seeds Futura 75

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Hemp seeds Futura 75
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The Futura 75 strain is an industrial hemp plant that has been bred to produce less genetic variations and at the same time increase the seed production due to being monoicous. Futura 75 is originally grown in Spain and due to its low THC percentage is legal in most European countries. The sativa strain thrives in Atlantic climate and is best planted after the ice period in early spring / late winter. With a relatively long vegetative cycle of 140 days, it is best planted as early as possible to allow the required growth time for the plant.

Futura 75 is mostly known for its use in CBD oils and in hemp extracts and grows to a height of 250-350cm, making her one of the taller sativa strains. The seed yield can reach 800-1000kg/ha and the see contains 28-30% oil. The strain has a relatively high biomass yield at 10-12t/ha and its seeds grow to a size of 16-18g each. The high biomass yield, along with a high fibre content in the stem of 30-35% allow it to be used in several fibre productions derived from industrial hemp.

The CBD content of Futura 75 can reach 2.0-3.0% and along with its low THC content of less than 0.12% it qualifies as an industrial hemp suitable for the production of food supplements in Europe. Futura 75 hemp seeds are available in 1 kg, 5 kg and original 25 kg bag. All our hemp seeds are EU certified and chemically non treated.

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Category: CBD
CBD Content: 2-4 %
Package contents: 1, 5 or 25 kg