Indoor Cannabis Strains

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cbd semena konopi dinamed
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Dinamed CBD Auto
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Dinamed CBD Auto in autoflowering version is cannabis strain rich in CBD with almost no THC. 

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Fruity Chronic Juice
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Sugar Black Rose
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Sugar Candy
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Sugar Candy
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semena konopi whitewidowxxlauto
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Cotton Candy Kush
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gorilla konopi seminka
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Delicious Candy
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Kandy Kush 1 pc
Kandy Kush 1 pc
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Cataract Kush 1 pc
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Auto Northern Lights
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These cannabis strains offer a compact or average height when growing. Nonetheless, we offer a great selection of cannabis seeds that will grow into tall plants, should your indoor growing space allow for it. Our indoor cannabis varieties also include strains with short or average flowering time, to support the growers that are under time pressure. In case the grower favours yield or strength over the growing speed, the best choice would be our offered strains with longer flowering time. Our strains are suitable to every budget, from the big spender the exclusive premium legend AK-47 to the small budget favourite Big Bud XXL. From a smelly Skunk, soaring Haze and relaxing Indica to an uplifting Sativa, Happy Seeds is delighted to offer a broad selection of seeds. If you are unsure about your favourites or want to try several options, our hybrid collection offers you the best combined results.