Seeds of industrial hemp Felina 32

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Seeds of industrial hemp Felina 32
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Felina 32 is a French industrial hemp strain.

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Hemp seeds for 2020 will be ready to dispatch by the beginning of April.

Felina 32 is a French industrial hemp strain that is legal to be cultivated by hemp growers across the European Union. The sativa strain is well-known for its use in CBD extraction and fibre production. In Switzerland selected phenotypes are being sold as CBD-flowers as this strain is listed in the current EU strain catalogue.

Felina 32 is, like many other industrial hemp strains, monoicous and therefore offers a great seed production at 800-1000kg/ha. Its vegetative cycle is 135 days and under ideal circumstances the plant will grow to 250-350cm. The height and high fibre content in the stem of 30-35% make the plant suitable for its fibre production. Its preferred climate is Atlantic under which the seeds will reach a size of 16-18g each. The biomass yield of the plant is extremely high at 10-12t/ha, which positively influences the fibre production.

With a relatively high CBD content of 2.0-3.0% and 30-32% oil content in the seed it is used for CBD extraction. The low THC content of less than 0.12% qualifies it as an industrial hemp and therefore legalising it across most European countries.

Felina 32 hemp seeds are available in bag by 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg. All our hemp seeds are EU certified and are not chemically treated. 

Selling hemp seeds to countries outside of Europe Union (USA, Canada, South America etc)

If you are a farmer in some of the countries out of Europe, we are able to send you EU certified hemp seeds with few extra documents. Depending on your delivery adress we recommend to customers to buy and pay for phytosanitary certificate. This document is often enough for importing hemp seeds to most of the countries wordwide. This document proves that the seeds are free of insect, herbs or other plant material. Price for buying phytosanitary certificate is 35 Eur and you can find it on our website.

Do you need bigger quantity of hemp seeds? Feel free to contact us for a discount for larger quantities of hemp seeds. If you or your company owns valid VAT number, than contact us and we can reduce you the price by 15% tax.

Hemp seeds for 2020 will be ready to dispatch by the beginning of April.