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What is the best cannabis strain to grow outdoor?

Before your purchase make sure to always check your local laws; our cannabis seeds are sold as souvenirs.

Outdoor growing seems to be a great choice for many medical marihuana patients around the world. This is because of the fact that outdoor growing is almost every time an extremely rewarding process and thus, worth it due to a very beneficial ratio between initial costs and final yields. You can just imagine: no need of an expensive growing system, no light schedule, no electric bills to be paid, no more need of a big, empty room for your secret garden and at the end of the season a lot of beautiful marihuana buds.

So why don’t we all do it? Some people are afraid that their climate is too dry or wet, or their season being too short to allow proper cannabis growth. All these troubles may be solved by choosing the right marihuana strain. We are here to introduce you to a wide range of cannabis seeds which will suits your climate or may be grown in your yard or vegetable garden without having to worry about the prying eyes of neighbours.

The right cannabis strains show good results when they are grown naturally under direct sunlight. However, the particular strain you’ll choose does have an impact and can determine success or failure.

So, to help give you an idea of which strains are best suited to outdoor growing, we have put together a list of the feminized cannabis strains which are suitable to be grown outdoors and finish by the end of September in most cases. We have not included autoflowering cannabis strains to our list because they are generally well suited for outdoor growing due to their smaller sizes and shorter life cycle. Read more about autoflowering strains in our other article here. This list is determined by their popularity with our customers here at Happy Seeds. By choosing either one of these strains, you’ll have higher chances to avoid unnecessary troubles with autumn rains and cold weather.

1. Cannalope Haze cannalope haze semena konope
Haze Brothers x Mexican (Michoacán)
100 % sativa
56 – 63 days

Cannalope haze is an almost pure sativa with an incredibly short flowering time and a melon-lemon aroma, making it one of the best-selling strains in the 2016 season. This fast growing plant will need a lot of space because of her real height, which could easily reach up to 3 meter, making the use of a topping not a great idea. She is resistant to mould and you can expect really good yields. This one will not be a great choice for a secret vegetable garden but if you find a great place far from jealous people you can watch the real strength of mother nature! The results are coming around in 8 – 9 weeks.

2. Serious 6 serious 6 cannabis seeds
Almost pure sativa
55 – 60 days

This marihuana strain is a mix of Canadian genetics with sativa-landraces from Africa. A very mould and cold-resistant plant with an energetic and clear effect on peoples’ minds. This strain grows tall and yields well, even in a humid and cold climate. An advice for breeders is to not start before the 15th April to prevent an early onset of the flowering phase. This plant grows just a few small leafs and is unforgettable for its amazing spicy aroma. This lady may easy reach the height of 2.5 meters so caution is necessary.

3. Sugar Black Rose F1 FAST VERSION sugar black rose seeds
Critical Mass X Black Domina
Almost pure Indica
45 – 60 days

One of the tastiest indica strains in its extra fast version, the Sugar Black Rose. Almost all indica plants grow well in the outdoors, but this one has a little something extra. While grown, it develops very large secondary branches, making it a wide, round plant. This makes her a discreet plant which produces very good yields. A sweet, fruity fragrance is completed by a spicy aroma of cloves and pepper.

4. Lemon Skunk lemon skunk cannabis seeds
60% Sativa : 40% Indica
56 – 63 days

Skunk strains are often searched for outdoor marihuana growing. It is probably because of their fast flowering time, almost every time big yields or maybe because of their typical aroma which every medical marihuana grower will remember for a long time. The height of this plant can easily reach up to two meters but with proper growing methods like topping and fimming you can easily manage to grow her into a marijuana bush. This marihuana plant with extra lemon aroma won many awards and is undoubtedly one of the TOP cannabis strains in our offer.